Neal Simon

for US Senate

People Over Politics

There Is a Better Way

As I think about the nation we are leaving for the next generation I am deeply concerned and yet genuinely hopeful.

I’m concerned because the country is so deeply divided and caught up in dangerous political rhetoric. Our government is not producing the results that the people of Maryland and America deserve. Party-line Democrats and party-line Republicans are serving their own interests, not the nation’s. Politicians seem to only care about securing their next donation and winning their next election instead of working together to find solutions for this country’s biggest problems. Why is it so hard to get ahead financially? Why are so many schools failing our kids? Why is the national debt continuing to spiral out of control? And why are we leaving the next generation an irresponsible amount of national debt rather than investing in their future?

Neal Simon

The answer is obvious: our two-party system is broken. The “win at all cost” mentality that permeates Washington has driven the two parties into their extreme corners, making it impossible for our political representatives and leaders to find a middle ground and work together on real solutions.

And yet, I remain hopeful. As I talk to people all around the state of Maryland I hear a strong desire for something new, a different way. I hear people talk about how tired they are of feeling politically homeless, forced to choose between the lesser of two evils at the ballot box, and feeling like there is no voice in Washington that truly represents them.

This is why we need new leadership that isn’t tied to the two parties, leadership that is responsive to the day-to-day needs of the people they serve. Leadership that unites the country instead of dividing it, leadership that offers sensible, pragmatic and achievable solutions to the many problems we face. The people of Maryland and America are ready to stand up and fight for this new kind of leadership ­– and I’m ready to provide it.

I’m no stranger to how differing views can come together for the common good. All four of my grandparents were immigrants from different countries and cultures. Together they spoke seven languages. But they all shared the same set of core beliefs in hard work, education and leaving their children with more than they had. Despite their differences, they found common ground for the benefit of their family. Later, while running four different companies and working with hundreds of intelligent, motivated individuals, I took the same approach, working together with my partners to make progress toward our shared success.  

Those who know me well also know my commitment to my community through volunteer work and donations. But I have always envisioned making a larger contribution to the people of Maryland and to this country. Now is the time for me to take the next step by bringing rational, cooperative leadership back to this nation’s capital. Not as a Democrat or a Republican, but as someone who will represent all the people of Maryland.

George Washington, in his farewell address, expressed his fear that politicians would grow to have more loyalty to their parties than to their country.  Like Washington – our only independent president – I believe that solving a problem is more important than stubbornly clinging to party doctrine. We need people leading our nation who can bring us together to effect change.  

The city of Washington may house our nation’s Capitol but it is utterly failing to live up to the ideals of the man for whom it is named. It is time for a change.