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A Book to Unite and Reform

"Whenever I speak about dysfunction in politics, which is often, I am asked for solutions. Here at last is what I can recommend. Neal Simon has written a thoughtful, well-sourced, and truly independent prescription for what ails America.

This is the book elected officials hope you never read."

- Michael Smerconish, SiriusXM and CNN

"My husband always put country ahead of party, and he would be proud to know that other mavericks out there are still doing the same. 

Contract to Unite America makes a compelling case for reforms that were dear to John: not only campaign finance reform and bipartisan administrations, but also enriched civics education and expanded national service."

- Cindy McCain, businesswoman and widow of Senator John McCain

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As citizens, we believe our government is divided and ineffective. Our elected leaders have not taken essential policy steps regarding education, immigration, infrastructure, job creation, health care costs, and national debt, to name a few. 


Washington, D.C., has been reconfigured by partisan insiders to benefit their parties and funding allies. Our political system incentivizes divisiveness and gridlock, rather than practical solutions to our nation's pressing challenges.  

To counteract today's destructive hyper-partisanship, we need fewer rigid ideologues, and more pragmatic representatives willing to collaborate for the common good. We need more legislation passed on a bipartisan basis. We need more action, especially when a majority agrees on an issue. And we need more civility.

Capitalizing on personal insight derived from Simon's 2018 political campaign along with extensive research, Contract to Unite America provides specific, practical solutions for an improved government and a better tomorrow.

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