Support for Unaffiliated U.S. Senate Candidate Neal Simon Up 10 Points Since Last Statewide Poll, Cardin Drops Below 50 Percent

With momentum on Simon’s side, 54 percent of Maryland voters say they will consider an independent candidate for U.S. Senate on Election Day

A new statewide poll conducted by Gonzales Research & Media Services shows unaffiliated candidate Neal Simon has gained 10 points in the U.S. Senate race for Maryland, securing 18 percent of support from likely voters. The same poll shows a rapid decline in incumbent Sen. Ben Cardin’s support, which Gonzalez’s research shows has dropped below 50 percent for the first time this cycle.

Despite common misconceptions from the press, including The Washington Post, about a lack of support for unaffiliated candidates, 54 percent of voters said they will consider an unaffiliated candidate for U.S. Senate; 56 percent of Democratic respondents also said they would consider an unaffiliated candidate; 30 percent of undecided voters lean to Simon. In comparison, only 4 percent of undecided voters are leaning towards Cardin and only 3 percent are leaning towards voting for Republican candidate Tony Campbell.

“Now that Marylanders are noticing there is another viable and credible choice for the U.S. Senate besides Ben Cardin, more and more Independents, Democrats, and Republicans are supporting our efforts to change the way Washington works,” said Simon. “We are committed to winning on November 6 and will work tirelessly to listen to Marylanders and take our message across the great state of Maryland for the next 26 days.”

The results of the Gonzalez poll make Simon the best performing independent U.S. Senate candidate in the country and the one with the best chance of winning.

“When mapping out our path to victory, this is exactly where we thought we would be 26 days before Election Day,” said Steve Crim, campaign director and the former director of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s successful 2014 campaign. “Neal still has plenty of room to define his candidacy, especially because his name recognition is only at 47 percent. We will continue to see momentum in the polls as more and more Marylanders see that they have a better choice for U.S. Senate besides politicians who put party bosses ahead of hard working Marylanders.”

Neal Simon’s campaign purchased three rider questions on the Gonzales Maryland Survey conducted from October 1-6, 2018. The campaign purchased the questions because the polling firm had not planned on including the Maryland U.S. Senate race in its poll. The campaign had no input on the methodology or the sample, which were dictated by the pollster who was conducting the same survey for public release of the Governor and Attorney General races.

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Neal Simon for U.S. Senate