Neal Simon Calls on Sen. Ben Cardin to Honor His Commitment to an Additional Live, Televised Debate and Town Halls Across Maryland

As he surges 10 points in recent polling, unaffiliated U.S. Senate candidate Neal Simon says a second Maryland Senate debate can be held during the week of Oct. 22, and an empty chair will represent Sen. Ben Cardin if he declines to participate.

Neal Simon, unaffiliated candidate for Maryland’s U.S. Senate seat, today released a letter he sent to Sen. Ben Cardin that asks Cardin to honor his agreement to participate in an additional live, televised debate as well as a series of town halls across Maryland.

In early September, the campaign teams of Simon, Republican candidate Tony Campbell and Cardin agreed to two debates hosted by Sinclair Broadcast Group. In a separate letter to Simon, Cardin also agreed to additional town halls around the state to discuss issues important to Marylanders. However, after just one debate on Oct. 7, 2018, and no town halls, Cardin is refusing to participate in additional events of either type.

In his letter, dated Oct. 16, 2018, Simon writes:

“You [Sen. Cardin] are depriving the people of Maryland from hearing the views of their candidates for Senate; you are not honoring your own word; and, by refusing to even have dialogue with politicians with opposing views, you are playing the same dangerous political games that have caused our government to become so ineffective and divisive.

“I invite you again to another debate. Tony Campbell and I are both open the week of October 22nd … for a live, televised debate. Sinclair could still moderate and broadcast the debate. If you do not show up, we intend to hold the event with an empty chair in your place.”

A new statewide poll conducted by Gonzales Research & Media Services shows unaffiliated candidate Neal Simon has gained 10 points in the U.S. Senate race for Maryland, securing 18 percent of support from likely voters, making Simon the best performing independent U.S. Senate candidate in the country and the one with the best chance of winning. The same poll shows a rapid decline in incumbent Sen. Ben Cardin’s support, which Gonzalez’s research shows has dropped below 50 percent for the first time this cycle.

Despite common misconceptions from the press about a lack of support for unaffiliated candidates, 54 percent of voters said they will consider an unaffiliated candidate for U.S. Senate; 56 percent of Democratic respondents also said they would consider an unaffiliated candidate; 30 percent of undecided voters lean to Simon. In comparison, only 4 percent of undecided voters are leaning towards Cardin and only 3 percent are leaning towards voting for Republican candidate Tony Campbell.

Neal Simon for U.S. Senate