Baltimore Jewish Times: First-Time Md. Candidates Knock Establishment

As seen in The Baltimore Jewish Times

A lack of experience also isn’t deterring Potomac businessman Neal Simon from running as an independent U.S. Senate candidate. Simon, 50, was a latecomer, announcing his candidacy in February, a few weeks before the filing deadline. He said his desire to challenge two-term incumbent Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.), came out of a frustration of “hyper- partisanship on Capitol Hill.”

“The partisanship and ineffectiveness has gotten worse and worse, and unless we do something different, we’re going to spiral downward,” he said.

Simon did not criticize any of Cardin’s votes, but said by virtue of being a Democrat, he is beholden to the party and special interest groups for financial support.

While they see their task as virtuous in trying to be political game-changers, these candidates must also bear the costs of raising and spending money, along with being away from their family.

This article appeared in The Baltimore Jewish Times on June 14, 2018 — read the full article here.

Neal Simon for U.S. Senate