Daily Beast: Can This Group Help America Break Out of Its Two-Party Trap?

As seen in The Daily Beast:

"Under the banner of Unite America, a group formerly known as the Centrist Project endorsed a slate of five candidates Tuesday at the National Press Club for a “country over party” movement they believe can crack the gridlock of the Republican versus Democrat duopoly...

...“These candidates are the vanguard of a new movement in our politics to bridge the growing partisan divide and to ensure government truly represents the people—not the party bosses or special interests,” said Nick Troiano, executive director of Unite America and a former independent congressional candidate in Pennsylvania...

...Simon is committing his own money to run for the Senate in Maryland, a very blue state with a Republican governor, Larry Hogan, who is running for re-election with an approval rating of 67 percent. That number encourages Simon to hope that voters will look beyond party labels."

This article appeared in The Daily Beast on February 27, 2018 — read the full article here.

Neal Simon for U.S. Senate