The Moderate Voice: ‘Declaration of Independents’ gains momentum in state politics

As seen in The Moderate Voice:

Meanwhile, a bottom-up movement to field independent/moderate candidates at the state level – rather than engaging in unrealistic attempts to elect a third-party president – may be gaining traction.

The group known as Unite America (formerly the Centrist Project) recently launched an ambitious goal: elect enough independents to shift the balance of power in several states away from the Republican and Democratic parties, and put independent officeholders in a position to enjoy significant leverage.

The initial slate included three candidates for governor: Alaska Gov. Bill Walker, Kansas entrepreneur Greg Orman, and Maine State Treasurer Terry Hayes. And two candidates for U.S. Senate: Prominent Missouri attorney Craig O’Dear and Maryland business executive Neal Simon.

With the support of the Independent Voters Network (IVN), these candidates will be running under the banner of a pragmatic, problem-solving agenda framed by the “Declaration of Independents.”

This article appeared in The Moderate Voice on March 27, 2018 — read the full article here.

Neal Simon for U.S. Senate