Simon cites “Trump’s Twitter feed and Ben Cardin’s rubber stamp” as some of the biggest threats facing the country, challenges Cardin to two more debates

BALTIMORE, Md.—October 7, 2018—Today, unaffiliated candidate Neal Simon declared victory in the first televised debate in the U.S. Senate race for Maryland over his two opponents, incumbent Senator Ben Cardin and Republican challenger and serial candidate Tony Campbell. Simon, who came out swinging in his answer to the first question, laid the blame for today’s divisiveness, partisanship and lack of progress in Congress squarely at the feet of Cardin, repeatedly referring to the sitting senator’s unwavering loyalty to the Democratic Party and House Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Throughout the one-hour debate, Simon focused much of his criticism on Cardin’s lack of leadership in moving forward legislation that focuses on Maryland’s interests. Simon went on the offensive right out of the gate, painting a picture of a career-focused politician focused on placating the party leadership and cow-towing to establishment donors in order to keep his job. Cardin’s voting record is the most partisan of all current sitting senators as he has voted with Chuck Schumer more than 97 percent of the time.

When referring to the numerous internal threats and dangers facing America today, Simon said, “I’m not sure which is most dangerous, Trump’s Twitter feed or Ben Cardin’s rubber stamp.”

“Today, the choice for Maryland voters is clear: a vote for Cardin is a vote for more partisan pandering and a continued stalemate for crucial issues that affect Marylanders today and tomorrow such as healthcare, immigration and gun violence,” said Simon. “Our current political environment is toxic, thanks to the lack of leadership of Cardin and all of Chuck Schumer’s lackeys. Maryland needs leaders, not followers. As Maryland’s senator, my only loyalty will be to the people of our great state, not a party leader.”

At the end of the debate, Simon challenged Cardin and Campbell to two more debates. Sinclair Broadcasting, which held the first televised debate, has already put out feelers to the candidates to schedule an additional debate for the week of October 22.

“I welcome an additional debate to further discuss the issues facing Marlyanders so the public knows exactly where Cardin stands.” said Simon. “Ben Cardin likes to point fingers. When it comes to gun violence, he blames the Republicans; when asked how to dethrone Baltimore as the murder capital of the world, he blames the local government; and, when asked how to elevate poorly performing schools and why he has done nothing to help, he again passes the buck. Come on, Ben. It’s been 52 years, shouldn’t you have a plan by now? You need to go. We need real leaders, not just followers.”

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Neal Simon for U.S. Senate