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that addresses questions about where Simon stands on the issues of the Democratic platform and LGBT rights. I can't find it.

What are you going to about the environmen crisis?

As a state on the Chesapeake Bay, the health of the Bay influences the economy and the health of the citizens. Why is this not a priority for you? Wetlands are being drained and built upon at an alarming rate, destroying the ecosystem of the Bay. Many of the Bay’s feeder rivers have an overall rating below C-, how are you going to change this?

I notice you keep ignoring questions on LGBT rights. Why is that?

You keep playing the middle of the road. That will not work with LGBT people.


People should be treated equally regardless of their sexual orientation. I fully supports Maryland's LGBTQIA community. In a divided nation it is incredibly important that we heal that divided by ensuring all persons are treated as equal.

Do you support 2nd Amendment?


I do support the 2nd Amendment and like the vast majority of responsible gun owners I believe that we need a comprehensive approach to fully address the important issues we face regarding gun reform.

What is your position on protecting the ennvironment

It was not listed as a priority on your website


The partisanship and special interests' controlling power that exist in Washington has prevented the implementation of long-lasting environmental policies. We have a moral duty to leave a healthy world to the future generations and we need to enact long-lasting policies that will permit that.

Ballot signatures

To date, how many signatures have you obtained to permit your name being placed on the November ballot?


The required number to get on the ballot is 10,000. Last week we submitted 12,000 but we are still going out to get even more. 

Do you support $15 minimum wage?


I do favor having a minimum wage in Maryland, although I am not sure $15 is the right level. I do not favor having a national minimum wage. Labor rates and the cost of living vary too greatly around the country to have one minimum wage.

Will you condemn any bill that supports the weakening of labor unions?

AKA "right to work" bills.


We need to both protect the interest of workers and companies. This means that legislators must respect the integrity of unions while striking a balance in which unions do not become overbearing in a hurtful manner to our economy. It is a balancing act and for such reason I will not condemn every bill that targets labor unions. The issue with Washington that we're being witness to is that far too many legislators are immovable in issues because they demand to have their way. When I'm in the Senate I will remain steadfast in my views but remain open to compromise.

What are your qualifications for a nominee of a bureaucratic office or a SCOTUS Judge?


The idea of having a set of "qualifications" for unelected positions that are not supposed to be politicized is this notion that they have to be liberal or conservative. For such reason, though you may not intend this meaning, since this is what the word "qualifications" has morphed into, regarding SCOTUS nominations, the only thing that matters is that the nominee has demonstrated that they have the ability to be fair and constitutional. Whether I disagree or agree ideologically with a nominee is not pertinent to the nomination process. The politicization of such nomination processes is breaking down our governmental system as intended by our founders.

What about Ben Cardin's record do you not agree with?

Will you support Medicare for All?

Will you support rank choice voting?

Do any of these questions actually get answered? I haven't seen any answers yet...


Hey John,

We actually answered all of these as well as a few more on a Facebook Live. Here is the link:

Happy to answer any additional questions you might have. Either on this page or on our next Live. 

How do we make the legal immigration system more flowing?

What will you do to establish relationships with other Senators?

What’s your “HOW” for reducing healthcare costs?

Term limits threaten a steady ship, why am I wrong?

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