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Do any of these questions actually get answered? I haven't seen any answers yet...


Hey John,

We actually answered all of these as well as a few more on a Facebook Live. Here is the link:

Happy to answer any additional questions you might have. Either on this page or on our next Live. 

How do we make the legal immigration system more flowing?

What will you do to establish relationships with other Senators?

What’s your “HOW” for reducing healthcare costs?

Term limits threaten a steady ship, why am I wrong?

Why do you believe yourself to be a centrist?

What should be the cornerstone of Foreign Policy?

How have you impacted your local community?

In other words, without an established career as a politician, where is the evidence for your commitment to public service?

What is your position on gun control? Be specific.

Why should Republicans vote for you?

Yeah, we get that you're an independent, that "the system is broken", that you won't follow a "party leader", etc. etc. That's great but that's rhetoric. Seriously, why should a Republican vote for you?

Do we increase Public School funds or explore School Vouchers on a national level?

The stark difference between liberals and conservatives on the topic of School Choice is whether education should receive more funding to improve schooling or whether the currently circulated budgets need to be re-administered through vouchers providing families choice of school no matter what area they live in. With an increased push from the Department of Education to gear towards vouchers to promote choice, is this idea of school choice the solution to our education system?

What is you stance on trade?

Specifically, should we ban cars from Germany?

Should the U.S. react to China's predatory loans it is giving to developing nations?

Because the Chinese government will be allowed to take the land of developing nations, to whom they loaned money to develop ports and other infrastructure, some would see this is a tangible push of the Chinese government to have strongholds throughout the world. Should the U.S. be worried? If so, what you would recommend the U.S. do? If not, why should we not be concerned?

Gun control: How will you bring both sides together?

It is great that you have a "what" for gun control but you don't seem to have a "how". What's the "how'? I need to believe that you possess the innate capability to, as a freshman junior senator, appeal to both ideologically opposed sides so as to help them break bread at a table you helped lay out. HOW?

Why do you say you'd not vote for a bill you disagree w/instead of saying you'd work to improve it?

You have said, in a recent FB live recording, that if provisions you are in favor of are not placed in a hypothetical bill that you would not vote for it. It would seem to me that such an attitude, going in, serves only to contribute to the gridlock. If you're for "finding common ground", how do you support what you said? Why would you not negotiate? Why would you do exactly what the extremes of both parties do?

Neal Simon for U.S. Senate