Independent candidates are the best hope for common-sense problem solving | Opinion

As seen in The Seattle Times:

Today, there are more self-identified political independents than either Democrats or Republicans, and, according to Gallup, a sizable majority of all voters (61 percent), including nearly half of all Democratic and Republican voters, believe we need an alternative.

The fact is, America’s political system is constantly evolving and changing. And change — big change — is coming again. The American people are sick and tired of the gridlock, special interests, big money, extremists, dysfunction and destructive partisan warfare that dominate our politics today. America is ready for something new and something positive.

A new, national independent political movement, Unite America, is being organized to answer this call. Partner organizations are forming in different states, all serving the same mission: to disrupt the destructive paradigm created by special interests and our two political parties...

...Across the nation, common-sense, independent candidates are stepping forward to pioneer a new way forward in 2018. The nation’s only independent governor, Bill Walker of Alaska, is seeking re-election. In Maine, the state’s first independent state Treasurer is now running for governor; as is entrepreneur Greg Orman in Kansas. Two independent U.S. Senate candidates —— Neal Simon and Craig O’Dear — have announced in Maryland and Missouri. Many more are seeking state legislative office, including a slate of four candidates announced by Unite Colorado in January.

This article appeared in The Seattle Times on March 2, 2018 — read the full article here.

Neal Simon for U.S. Senate