Recap of Unite Summit

A recap of the historic summit of over 250 independents from across the country. 


Neal's interview with CBS Baltimore

Neal's interview with CBS Baltimore about the state of the race. 


Recap: Unite America National Rollout

Last week, Unite America launched their national tour with the full slate of independent candidates. Here is a video recap of the historic week!

President's Day Message

Neal talks about what President's Day means and how we can get back to putting people over politics.

Recap: Campaign Kickoff Rally

Neal Simon officially kicks off his campaign for U.S. Senate — here is a quick recap of the rally!

Neal Simon Launches Campaign for U.S. Senate

It's time to put the needs of the people over the demands of the political class. Together, we'll send a clear message that the people of Maryland are ready to fix our broken, divisive, and ineffectual political system.

Neal Simon for U.S. Senate